Key Features:

Resistance: 32 Levels Auto Tension
Console: Backlit LCD display which show Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, RPM & Pulse
Programs: HRC, Beginner, Advance, Sporty, Cardio, Watt Program, Recovery, Bodyfat & Manual
Heart Rate: Contact & Polar™ Receiver
Seat Adjustment: Quick release Pop-pin with Up/Down as well as Forward/Back adjustment
Cranks: 3 Piece Crank
Pedals: Two-tone big Pedals
Saddle: Large comfort Saddle
Flywheel: 9KG
Assembled Dimensions: 109cm (L) x 56cm (W) x 149cm (H)
Maximum User Weight: 150KG

Other Features:
• Smart Phone & Tablet Holder
• USB Charger
• Bluetooth with APP
• Water Bottle Holder
• Transportation Wheels.

*NOTE: Exercise that is continuous and that elevates your heart rate is the best type of exercise to improve fitness levels, lose weight, reduce body fat and improve your overall health and well being.
This form of exercise is called cardiovascular training, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers and exercise bikes are all great forms of equipment to assist cardiovascular training, improving health and fitness along with assisting in weight loss.